Enter. Toast. Chat. Enjoy.

Welcome home

Welcome to Villa Mercedes

San Antonio's Sailing Port

There are places that make you fall in love at first sight, snacks that you remember forever, gardens that hide kisses and doors that welcome you with love. There are special places like our Villa Mercedes, a lovely garden villa built in 1901 in the maritime passage of Sant Antonio. Come in. Let your tongue be surprised. Toast. Discuss. Enjoy the Mediterranean taste. Gaze upon the views of the port. Listen to the sound of our small river. Fall in love…You are at home. You are in Villa Mercedes.

Weddings and Events

Summer villas by the sea were always a place for reunions. Leisure. Celebration. Our pretty villa situated in front of the San Antonio port is not an exception. Both the chic garden and the spacious interior are ideal for a wedding toast, an anniversary celebration or a high-level corporate event. Our staff will prepare a unique scenery at your disposal, according to your needs. Consult with us. We love challenges and creating unique moments.

Book your table

  • Bookings cancelled more than 24 hours in advance - free of charge.
  • Groups of less than 8 people - Bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance - €20 per person
  • Groups of 8 or more people - Bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance - 20€ per person
  • No Show - 20€ per person

The Garden

Our garden can accommodate intimate tables and reunion tables. We have cacti, yuca, palm trees and ferns. And a river that sings. In our garden we love live music. Tell us goodbye. And then come back. Our garden can host many stories. Including yours…

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